Almog Koren

Hi, welcome to my portfolio 
I'm an avid photographer and adventurer. My photography style is what I call "Unique Perspective".

Where I look for a unique perspective or point view trying to capture remarkable or unusual shoots.

  • Don't Miss
  • Green Thoughts
  • At The Ready
  • At The Lookout
  • Ready Aim Fire
  • Chilling
  • Black Coffee
  • The Pose
  • Green Eyes Thur The Window
  • Bullet Trail
  • To The Sun
  • Red Row
  • Endless Tunnel
  • Calm Green Sun
  • Heading
  • Falling Steel
  • Stand Tall & Strong
  • Life...
  • Swim Between The Flags
  • What Is Bondi
  • Line It Up
  • Bondi Living

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